Tampines Gold Launch Success With MCYC!

By: Alia Harvey

On 6th May, we launched Tampines Gold.

Tampines Gold includes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs which leverage the players and staff of our club to provide support and assistance to disadvantaged people within society. Our CSR Program is lead by former US National Team player Thomas Silvas. We launched Tampines Gold through a Flag Day with MCYC, an organisation which has provided all-round help to at-risk children and youth since 2008.

We not only had first team players Madhu Mohana, Son Yong Chan, Ryutaro Megumi, Ivan Dzoni, and Raspreet Sandhu, but also our U21 and U17 players present on the day. Our senior players were paired with our younger players. Son walked around with some of the U21s, whilst Madhu, Megu, Ivan, and Raspreet were with our U17s.

We spent the Saturday between 11am-4pm walking around Our Tampines Hub, which we will be moving back to soon, and Tampines Central.

We were given 20 tins for this Flag Day, and our players did such a fantastic job collecting so much money that several of their tins looked like they were about to break!

It was a successful launch indeed of Tampines Gold, which saw our senior players down to our youth bond for the good of the community.

Watch the video and see photos from the day below!



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