Sahil Suhaimi: My First Day With Burnley

I arrived in England at 1:25pm, which is 8:25pm SGT on 9th April. England is usually eight hours behind, but the clocks have changed as it’s daylight saving time, and I am now seven hours behind Singapore.

10th April, the day after I arrived, it was time for me to start my player training experience.

I woke up around 7am as I was really knocked out from the long journey — around a 14 hour flight. Anthony Fairclough (Commercial Director) fetched me around 9am to go to the training ground, which in fact is new and was just recently opened by Burnley. He showed me around and I saw everything in the training centre, and was also introduced to the players and staff at Burnley.

Right after that, I took my training kit and it was straight to the first session of the day. After some light work in the morning, it was time for lunch. Lunch was in the training complex itself as there is a chef that cooks for everyone — from the first team straight down to the youth teams. The food was good, and the chef prepared salads, pasta, fish, chicken and fruit for all of us, just to mention a few things.

As all players eat in the same canteen, I had the chance to meet players from the first, aka Premier League, team such as Joey Barton. I didn’t get to take photos with the first team players as no phones are allowed during training and meal time. The ‘no phone’ rule is something I’m used to, as Juergen doesn’t allow us to use phones during meal time as well, but it is hard not being able to use my phone for the whole day.

We had a one hour break after lunch, and it was straight to the second session of the day where we had field training. We washed up, and Anthony brought me to Turf Moor — Burnley’s home stadium. I saw everything from the changing rooms to the office. Anthony sent me back home after we visited Turf Moor. Oh, by the way, it was 7 to 8 degrees throughout the day.

The facilities here in Burnley’s training centre are top class. You name it, they have it. A gym for recovery, swimming pools, physio room, everything! Best of all, it’s all in one place.

With a double session for my first day here, the coaches were impressed with me and I’m on the bench for tomorrow’s game against Derby County!

So, that’s day one. 😝

– Sahil Suhaimi
(10th April 2017)

[This was written by Sahil yesterday, so the game against Derby County will be tonight, 11 April.]

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