Sahil Suhaimi: I Played My First Match For Burnley!

10th April — my second full day in England, my first match with Burnley.

Compared to yesterday where we had a double training session, there wasn’t as much going on. I woke up around eight this morning, and I have been going to bed around ten at night. I get around ten hours of sleep every night as I want to make sure I’m fully rested and prepared for a brand new day here.

We played Derby County in a friendly game today and drew 2-2. I came on as a substitute and played for half an hour. We had to report at 11:30am for our team meeting, but I was half an hour early. So, I went and changed before going for the meeting. After that, we went out to the pitch for our warm up. The atmosphere pre-match in the dressing room is great. Everyone motivates each other and we’re all very pumped up.

After the game, we went for our makan and recovery. For makan we had pasta with tomato sauce, chicken, salads, and fruit. We also drank a protein recovery shake after the game. Players also made use of the fantastic facilities in the training centre for recovery, with some of my teammates going to the swimming pools.

After the game, I walked back home. The journey between my house and the training centre is around a ten minute walk. I enjoy the journey of my walk as I get to soak in the amazing surrounding. For example, I get to walk past all the houses near mine, which aren’t like the houses back home in Singapore. I also get to walk through long roads, where both sides are lined with big trees, and big areas of green fields. On my walk, I also happen to walk on the same roads that the cars drive by on. The nature here is really beautiful.

My first game in England was tough as it’s only my second day here and I’ve already played a game back home in Singapore for the AFC Cup with Tampines Rovers last Tuesday. Football is much faster and physically strong here. I’m still adapting to the weather but I think I did alright for a first timer. Although the game was tough, it was a good experience for me and I learned a lot. However, I have to work harder and learn fast here.

Overall, my second day in England was good and I will continue to work hard.

For now, it’s time for me to go to bed and get my rest. Thank you for reading about my second day here, and I will talk to all of you back home in Singapore again tomorrow.

Goodnight. 😴✌🏽

– Sahil Suhaimi
(11th April 2017)

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