Izwan Mahbud: Striker To Goalkeeper

Born: July 14, 1990
Nationality: Singaporean
Position: Goalkeeper
Jersey Number: 1
Year Signed: 2016
Previous Clubs:
– NFA (2005-2008)
– Young Lions (2008-2011)
– LionsXII (2012-2015)
– Anderson Primary (1997-2003)
– Fuchun Secondary (2004-2008)
– ITE College East (2009-2011)


Not only the club’s first choice goalkeeper, Izwan is also part of Singapore’s national team. On 18 July 2011, Izwan made his international debut for Singapore through a friendly against Chinese Taipei. One of his most recognised games was when Singapore played Japan in 2015, with Izwan making 18 absolutely incredible saves to keep the game at 0-0 and draw with the Asian powerhouse. At only 22 years old, he was the first choice goalkeeper in their AFF Suzuki Cup triumph in 2012.

Many do not know this, but Izwan actually started out playing as a forward before switching to play in goal at age 14. He came through the ranks of the National Football Academy (NFA) system, before eventually signing with the Young Lions — his first professional club. He began his career with them as the second choice goalkeeper. However, when first choice goalkeeper Basil Chan suffered an injury, Izwan became, and remained, the first choice goalkeeper for the Young Lions.

When LionsXII was formed, Izwan signed with them and left the S.League to play in the Malaysian Super League. Whilst with LionsXII, he won the Malaysia Super League in 2013 and Malaysia FA Cup in 2015.

With LionsXII eventually going defunct, Izwan returned to the S.League and signed with Tampines Rovers in 2016. However, before signing with us, he did have a week long trial with Japanese side Matsumoto Yamaga after his very impressive performance against Japan that saw the game end 0-0; with Izwan famously making those 18 saves.

Three of Izwan’s favourite footballers in the world are David de Gea, Peter Schmeichel and Iker Casillas. Back to the local context, his legends are Abbas Saad and Fandi Ahmad.

Izwan does see negative comments on social media, but instead of allowing them to bring him down, he looks at it positively, turning it to motivation to work harder to constantly be better than the day before.

Personally, Izwan is shy when the cameras are pointing directly at him, but finds other ways to get in front of the camera indirectly — whether it’s secretly popping his head up behind one of our other boys or purposely standing in front of the camera to block the view. (Watch the videos on our official YouTube channel to see what he does.) He takes it hard on himself whenever he performs badly in a game, but is always learning from the mistakes he makes to constantly improve himself.

Despite the fame and success he has achieved not only in Singapore, but overseas (in Malaysia during our pre-season tour this year, he would be constantly stopped by fans for a photo), Izwan remains exceptionally humble and works hard at every single training session. He is extremely grateful to everyone that supports him and will always take photos with fans if they ask. Izwan is known for his top class goalkeeping abilities on the pitch, but what many people don’t see behind the scenes, is the wonderful personality and character that he has. 🙂

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