Brand, Website, and Social Media Guidelines

A new era has arrived. All of us in the Tampines Rovers family are working hard to create a better future for our club, Singapore football, and the wider community. We need your creativity to help grow this movement.

If you’ve created a fan-site, blog, or social media site related in any way to Tampines Rovers, let us know and we’ll feature it on our supporters page.

Help us protect our brand by following the guidelines below.

Our protected trademarks and logos include the following:

Tampines Rovers
Tampines Rovers FC
Tampines Rovers Football Club

Please refrain from using these trademarks and logos on your websites, social media sites, or on other items in a way that creates confusion. For example, your site logo and name must appear larger and more prominent than any use of our logo and name.

If you reproduce any of our copyrighted photographs, please ensure that copyright statements remain intact.

We love it when you choose to share your enthusiasm for us through a fan site. We’re happy with fan sites that contain discussions and tips about the club, fan-created artwork and other informational and creative efforts.

Please help out by ensuring you do not create confusion for other users by implying that your site is official, or that it is affiliated with Tampines Rovers FC.

We thank you for your support for Tampines Rovers and our activities. Please contact us if you require any clarification, or help on how we can help you to take our club to greater heights!